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EPC World India - Coal Oxidation Must Be Monitored Efficiently to Ensure Power Plant Safety


Coal oxidation must be monitored efficiently to ensure power plant safetyRead our latest article in EPC World India where Derek Stuart, AMETEK Land's Global Product Manager - Power, Combustion and Environmental, discusses carbon monoxide monitoring for the detection of potentially dangerous coal oxidation within a mill.

Coal plants are one of the largest generators of energy and electricity across the world. As per the Central Electricity Authority of India, coal-fired plants accounted for 72% of India’s electricity between 2018 and 2019. Coal can be a volatile material to work with under certain conditions and considering the amount of resources that go into producing energy within coal power plants, it is important to ensure that the right safety measures are implemented to avoid hazards. One of the industrial hazards that arise with working with coal in a power plant is that of oxidation, a natural phenomenon associated with coal, that could lead to spontaneous combustion.