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AMETEK Land Launches Market-Leading Temperature Measurement Innovations For SPOT AL Aluminium Pyrometer

火曜日, 8月 31, 2021

AMETEK Land has launched two new temperature measurement enhancements for its aluminium production and processing application pyrometer, SPOT AL. 

SPOT ALThe latest developments add low-temperature and liquid aluminium temperature measurements to the highly accurate and stable digital SPOT AL pyrometer series, increasing the capabilities of this industry-leading solution for operators in the aluminium sector.

To monitor the cooling rate through the quenching process, it is necessary to precisely measure the aluminium temperature at each end of the process. This ensures the aluminium product has the required physical properties and precise dimension tolerances by the time it leaves the process. 

The new SPOT AL LT (Low Temperature) version is ideal for low-temperature quenching in aluminium extrusion, and delivers market-leading readings from 130 °C (266 °F), depending on surface emissivity.  
A new liquid (L) temperature measurement mode for the SPOT AL has also been added.  Designed specifically for temperature measurement control of liquid aluminium during melting and pouring – an important element in ensuring high-quality casting operations – this pyrometer mode delivers highly accurate results of liquid aluminium, ensuring process efficiency and high-quality castings.  

In addition to the new enhancements, the SPOT AL already offers dedicated pre-set algorithms to provide the most accurate digital temperature readings of low and variable emissivity aluminium in extrusion, quench, strip, forming/forging, including applications with high magnesium alloys. These algorithms are not limited to these specific applications, and provide an effective temperature measurement solution for a range of alloys and surfaces.
 AMETEK Land Launches Market-Leading Temperature Measurement Innovations For SPOT AL Aluminium Pyrometer
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The SPOT AL provides the most accurate digital temperature readings of low and variable emissivity aluminium, ensuring optimised process speed and high-quality products with minimal scrap.

Data is made immediately available via the integrated rear display, web server and multiple interfacing options, and the SPOTViewer/SPOTPro advanced pyrometer software for monitoring, analysing, capturing and controlling temperatures in the process. The SPOT AL also combines Modbus TCP digital and analogue inputs and outputs in a single device.

The pyrometer can also be paired with the specially designed SPOT Actuator, a smart motorized unit which provides remotely controlled target alignment and a billet/profile scan.

Peter Unwin, Global Industry Manager – Metals, from AMETEK Land, said: "We're excited to be launching our innovative enhancements to the SPOT AL pyrometer series. This additional functionality expands the range of capabilities available to SPOT customers in the aluminium sector, delivering them an easy-to-use, compact range of products that are straightforward to install, provide market-leading performance, and are ready for Industry 4.0 integration."

AMETEK Land's advanced, dedicated solutions make it the preferred choice of the world's leading aluminium production and processing operators, providing the accurate, reproducible temperature measurements required. Using decades of experience and expertise working in the aluminium industry, it has developed market-leading products that monitor temperature and provide essential measurements across a wide range of aluminium applications.
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