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Use of In-furnace Thermal Imaging for Industry 4.0 and Decarbonisation – Furnaces International

金曜日, 7月 9, 2021

Philippe Kerbois and Neil Simpson discuss the use of in-furnace thermal imaging for industry 4.0 and decarbonisation in steel, non-ferrous and glass.

Furnaces International - June 2021Ensuring consistent temperatures within furnaces is essential to maintaining high-quality production of metal or glass, and for extending the campaign life of the furnace.

There are a variety of furnace locations where the temperature must be closely monitored to achieve these objectives. For best results, the ability to trend temperature measurements throughout the whole furnace is essential.
For more than a century, optical pyrometers were the temperature measurement instrument of choice for high-temperature combustion processes. Temperatures were taken within the process at least once per shift, and sometimes every 20 minutes.

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