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  • James Cross - E360 Webinar - October 2022
    FORTHCOMING WEBINAR - Monitoring Critical Assets in Refineries and Petrochemical Plants using Advanced Thermal Imaging

    火曜日, 10月 4, 2022 1日前

    Join our webinar on 20th October 2022 at 2PM BST and learn how to monitor critical assets using the latest thermal imaging technology and software, to provide early detection of potential issues, reducing the likelihood of serious accidents.

  • Glass Worldwide - Optimising operations through thermal monitoring
    Glass Worldwide - Optimising Operations Through Thermal Monitoring

    水曜日, 9月 7, 2022 28 日前

    Read our latest article in Glass Worldwide where Philippe Kerbois explains how using AMETEK Land's thermal imaging system and software solution to monitor batch coverage and crown temperatures in glass melt tanks can help to improve efficiency and product quality.

  • Sales Appointments
    AMETEK Land Announces New Strategic Sales Appointments to Drive Market Growth

    木曜日, 5月 5, 2022 153 日前

    AMETEK Land has announced new strategic appointments to drive its growth strategy and market position.

  • NIR-B-2K Glass
    Improve Your Glass Quality and Reduce Energy Consumption with Thermal Imaging from AMETEK Land

    水曜日, 5月 4, 2022 154 日前

    AMETEK Land provides a new approach for cleaner and more efficient glass furnaces.

  • AMETEK Land Quarterly Newsletter Autumn 2020
    AMETEK Land Quarterly Newsletter - Spring 2022 🐤

    木曜日, 4月 28, 2022 160 日前

    Welcome to our Spring newsletter where we are pleased to announce a new case study, key appointments, upcoming events, and more!

  • Decarbonisation Technology
    Decarbonisation Technology – Monitoring Technology for Ethylene Crackers and Steam Methane Reformers

    火曜日, 4月 19, 2022 169 日前

    Read our latest article in Decarbonisation Technology, where James Cross discusses digital solutions and infrared technologies to help steam cracker and SMR operators improve temperature homogeneity and fuel efficiency

  • Glass Futures
    AMETEK Land joins Glass Futures to Drive Standards and Technologies in the Glass Industry

    月曜日, 4月 11, 2022 177 日前

    AMETEK Land has become a member of Glass Futures, the Global Centre of Excellence for glass in research and development, innovation, and training.

  • Furnaces International Logo
    Furnaces International - Non-contact Temperature Monitoring

    火曜日, 4月 5, 2022 183 日前

    Read our latest article in Furnaces International, where we discuss our portable non-contact pyrometer and how it can be used in liquid metal applications.

  • Container Glass
    AMETEK Land Showcases the Latest Temperature Measurement Solutions to Ensure Consistent Container Glass Quality

    月曜日, 3月 21, 2022 198 日前

    AMETEK Land has released a new guide to help container glass manufacturers achieve the most consistent product quality.

  • Discover the Correct Pyrometer
    Discover the Correct Pyrometer to Meet Your Measurement Challenges and Process Conditions with AMETEK Land

    月曜日, 3月 14, 2022 205 日前

    AMETEK Land offers one of the widest ranges of single-spot pyrometer types for mono, ratio, and application measurement of metals.