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Webinar Now Available On Demand - Advances in Non-Contact Temperature Measurement in Metal Reheat Furnaces


Watch On Demand - Advances in non-contact temperature measurement in metal reheat furnaces
In this webinar, AMETEK Land introduces how advances in accurate non-contact temperature measurements in metal reheat furnaces ensure optimum product quality, reduced wastage, energy savings, consistent metallurgical properties and minimal surface scaling.

Reheat furnaces bring cold metal to the correct temperature for rolling, extruding or forging. For optimum quality, and to reduce wastage, the temperature should be uniform throughout the product, which requires accurate temperature monitoring.

In addition, temperature measurements are key to providing optimized heating trajectories for the metal, which results in significant energy savings, consistent metallurgical properties and minimal surface scaling.

Webinar attendees will learn the requirements and challenges for infrared temperature measurement in reheat furnaces, both continuous and batch, and will examine both traditional and next generation technologies.

The webinar will demonstrate how the most effective and accurate method of achieving these measurements is through continuous thermal imaging of the entire metal stock.

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Manfred HaykManfred Hayk, Global Infrared (IR) Product Manager, AMETEK Land
With a Dipl.-Ing. (FH) in Physical Engineering, specializing in laser technology and optical metrology, Manfred Hayk has over 20 years of technical, product and application development and sales support experience in optical and infrared metrologies. He is AMETEK Land's Global Infrared (IR) Product Manager and is focused on developing AMETEK Land's full range of non-contact temperature measurement products, including process thermal imagers.